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You might be wondering, “What is habitational insurance, and do I need it?” Habitational insurance (Hab-Pro) is basically insurance for those who own habitational properties, including apartment complexes, condominiums, student housing complexes, and more. Nixon & Lindstrom Insurance is proud to announce our newest specialty insurance program: Hab-Pro. Our new Hab-Pro Insurance Program brings insurance options to habitational business owners and landlords throughout Springfield and Southwest Missouri that were previously unavailable. HabPro includes insurance coverage for:

  • Apartment complexes (11 units or more)

  • Student & Affordable housing complexes

  • Public housing

  • Senior housing, which includes nursing homes and assisted living facilities

  • Secondary and seasonal condominiums

  • Homeowners associations

  • Timeshares

  • Planned unit developments (PUD), and more

Our experts, having worked with habitational business owners and landlords since 1955, have the experience you need to find insurance plans from national providers that work for you. We work with building owners and property managers to find insurance policies in the following areas:

  • Property insurance

  • General liability insurance

  • Wind, fire and storm damage

  • Vandalism and theft

  • Signage

  • Equipment breakdowns

  • Loss of income

  • Business owners policy (BOP)

  • Guaranteed replacement cost

Nixon & Lindstrom is the only insurance agency in Southwest Missouri to receive the insurance company franchise for this program.

Some of the Hab-Pro Insurance Discounts available include:

  • 100% Hard-Wired Smoke Detection

  • Central Station Alarm

  • Freeze Alarm

To find out if you qualify for Hab-Pro email the attached form to David Endacott at [email protected].