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Personal Insurance in Springfield, MO

Protect your family and assets from financial uncertainty with personal insurance coverage options specific to you. Our experienced agents have helped thousands of customers throughout Springfield, and Southwest Missouri find affordable personal insurance policies. Request a quote today to find coverage that fits your budget and meets your needs.

  • Term Life Insurance

  • A term life insurance policy is an affordable way to ensure the financial security of loved ones in your absence. Paying regular premiums for term life coverage guarantees your designated beneficiaries will receive a specified death benefit payout as long as the policy is active. Nixon & Lindstrom can help you lock in your policy term, premiums and payout based on your circumstances.

  • Whole Life Insurance

    • Universal Life
    • Variable Life
    • Variable Universal Life

    Whole life insurance isn’t limited to a certain term and stays in effect for your entire life. The permanency of these policies removes concerns about your insurability as you age and keeps the safety net in place for your beneficiaries. Whole life insurance includes an investment element, as premiums supplement the policy’s cash value over time. Explore whole life policies with guidance from Nixon & Lindstrom.

  • Personal Umbrella

  • Do you need liability coverage that extends beyond your existing homeowners or auto insurance? If so, personal umbrella insurance is worth considering. Umbrella coverage extends beyond the policyholder to other family members, serving to protect your entire household against lawsuits and liability claims. Nixon & Lindstrom can help you add an affordable layer of liability protection.

  • Disability Income

  • Disability income insurance is designed to replace a portion of your income if you’re injured, ill or unable to work for an extended period of time. Adding this type of coverage will ensure that you’re able to cover regular expenses and maintain your lifestyle without digging into reserves. If you’re interested in disability income insurance, contact Nixon & Lindstrom to request a quote.

  • Individual Health Insurance

  • If you or your family need health insurance but aren’t on an employer-sponsored plan, you may need to investigate a personal health plan. There’s a lot to consider when buying private health insurance, so be sure to work with an experienced agent who knows the ropes. Nixon & Lindstrom understands the ins and outs of individual health insurance and can help you navigate the marketplace.

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  • Dental/Vision Insurance

  • If your employer offers health insurance but doesn’t offer dental or vision insurance, consider a personal dental/vision plan with Nixon & Lindstrom Insurance. With local in-network carriers, make sure you’re prepared for any toothaches or vision problems. Request a quote.

At Nixon & Lindstrom Insurance our top priority is you and your family. As an independent insurance agency with access to a wide variety of carriers, we’re able to customize personal insurance solutions to meet your specific needs and budget.Let us help you protect the things that matter most– request a quote or contact us today to get started.