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Employee Benefits Planning in Springfield, MO

Employee Benefits programs are the key to helping your business, whether it’s large or small, recruit and retain quality employees. Since 1955, Nixon & Lindstrom has been a leading employee benefits brokerage in Southwest Missouri, helping businesses navigate regulations while protecting employees and their families. Take control of your options by working with our specialized team of brokers to find the right program for your organization and its employees.

Employee Benefits

A competitive benefit plan is key to attracting and retaining quality employees. If you provide—or are considering offering—employee benefits and are concerned about cost, Nixon & Lindstrom Insurance can help you compare and evaluate plan options. Our dedicated customer service representatives are experienced in navigating government regulations and place a high priority on protecting your employees and their families. Our agents provide a single point of contact for you but work with multiple carriers to find the right employee benefits plan for your organization.

  • Group Health Insurance Plans

  • Choosing the right group health insurance plan for your business is an important decision, and there are multiple options to consider. Employers will want to compare and contrast popular managed care plans like Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO), Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and Point of Service (POS) plans with plan sponsors. They may also want to evaluate a High Deductible Health Plan, which is often paired with Health Spending Accounts (HSAs) to give employees access to pretax earnings for medical expenses. Nixon & Lindstrom insurance will help you find a group plan that balances affordability with access to care.

  • Group Life Insurance Plans

  • A supplemental group life insurance plan can be a nice addition to your employee benefits package. Employers and employees alike often overestimate the cost of life insurance, but there are plenty of affordable options on the market. Group life insurance offers financial security for beneficiaries should an employee die. Premiums are based on overall risk and spreading that risk among employees, offers a higher benefit to each employee and helps keep costs down. Nixon & Lindstrom Insurance can help you settle on the right type of policy, analyze optional benefits and keep rates low.

  • Group Dental Insurance Plans

  • A strong employee benefits package often includes a supplemental group dental insurance plan. Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) dental plans are a popular option because they offer in- and out-of-network coverage and typically cover 100% of the cost for routine exams and cleanings. Dental maintenance organization (DMO) plans are usually the most affordable option but require employees to choose an in-network dental care provider. Nixon & Lindstrom Insurance can help employers find the best plan based on their size and cost tolerance.

  • Group Vision Insurance Plans

  • Add unique value to your employee benefits package with a supplemental group vision plan. If you have employees who wear glasses or need regular eye exams, you may want to look at offering a group vision plan. These plans can offer in- and out-of-network coverage, employee copays and guaranteed discounts on eyewear. Some plans may even cover the full cost of standard eyeglass frames or contact lenses. If you’re interested in pricing out a vision plan for your employees, contact a Nixon & Lindstrom Insurance agent to request a quote.

  • Self-Funded Health Insurance Plans

  • To limit risk and contain costs, many employers opt for a self-funded health plan. Also known as self-insurance, these plans offer more flexibility, less regulation, tax benefits and the potential to save money. With self-funded plans, employers collect premiums from employees and then pay out claims as they’re incurred. Nixon & Lindstrom Insurance has helped hundreds of employers establish self-funded plans customized for their employees. Contact us today to start building a more stable and practical health benefits plan.

  • Level-Funding

  • Level-funding is a version of a self-funded plan that’s often a good fit for smaller employers with healthier individuals. In this arrangement, employers pay a set amount to an insurance carrier each month to cover administrative and employee claim costs. These plans typically allow employers to offer health benefits to employees at a lower cost, as long as the cost of claims remains lower. Nixon & Lindstrom Insurance can help your business create a level-funded plan that includes a fixed “worst-case” monthly premium so you’re not surprised by or liable for large claims.

  • Short-Term Disability Insurance Plans

  • Long-Term Disability Insurance Plans

  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA’s)

  • Section 125 Plans

At Nixon & Lindstrom Insurance our top priority is you. As independent employee benefits brokers with access to a wide variety of carriers, we’re able to customize solutions to meet the needs and budget of businesses large and small in Springfield and throughout Southwest Missouri. Let us help you protect the things that matter most—request a quote or contact us today to get started.