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Business Insurance for Contractors in Springfield, MO

At Nixon & Lindstrom, our team of insurance agents has designed a program specifically for General Contractors, Artisan Contractors, and their suppliers. Our dedicated staff, located in Springfield, Missouri, has the unmatched knowledge, expertise, and service to understand the construction industry’s unique insurance requirements. Since 1955, we’ve helped various contractors, including small residential construction companies and large general contractors, find affordable yet comprehensive business insurance that keeps them protected. We offer insurance solutions from national providers in the following areas:

Surety Bonds

Surety bonds, commonly referred to as “construction sureties”, are basically a guarantee that any contractor or company you work with is held responsible for delivering on any agreement that has been signed. Because of the construction industry’s high-risk nature, contractors must protect themselves by purchasing surety bonds. Learn more about how Nixon & Lindstrom can help you find affordable surety bonds here, or request a free quote online today!


In the construction industry, the job’s physical nature means a greater risk of injury to your employees or independent contractors. As a result, you must protect yourself with far-reaching workers’ compensation insurance. Learn more about how Nixon & Lindstrom can help you find workers’ compensation coverage.


Regardless of the size of the job you’re on, construction companies and contractors must have general liability insurance to protect them from the following:

  • Visitors injured on the job site (Medical bills, attorney fees, settlements, etc.)

  • Any damage that may be the result of the work you’re performing

    Costs associated with fatal accidents

At Nixon & Lindstrom, we work with national insurance providers to help you find general liability insurance that works for your specific circumstances.


It costs a significant amount of money to invest in the heavy equipment necessary to get the job done. At Nixon & Lindstrom, we help contractors and construction companies find heavy equipment insurance to ensure your equipment is protected, regardless of what may happen.


Certificates of occupancy often referred to as “timely certificates,” are issued by local zoning or building departments to state that a home or business is ready for occupancy. As you may already know, certificates of occupancy are required for any new construction. At Nixon & Lindstrom, our team of experts can help you acquire a certificate of occupancy for your project.

Involvement and leadership in industry associations provides members access to multiple industry-specific insurance carriers, training and education opportunities, and much more. Please contact Mark Gambon to review your options and gain a competitive advantage.