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Home & Auto Insurance in Springfield, MO

As an experienced independent insurance company, Nixon & Lindstrom can provide you with various options for a home and auto insurance policy from top-rated carriers. In fact, we’ve helped thousands of people throughout Springfield and southwest Missouri find affordable yet comprehensive policies since we opened our doors in 1955. Our agents will work with you to identify opportunities to bundle home and auto insurance to ensure you save as much money as you can.


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Home & Car Insurance Bundles

There’s a good chance you could be saving money by combining your home and car insurance into a more affordable bundle. Don’t pay more for separate policies. Don’t hassle with separate bills. Move forward with bundling today and simplify your insurance coverage. Our team can help you find the best bundle and annually re-evaluate your policy for savings.

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Personal Auto Insurance

Car insurance may seem like a simple product, but there are several variations. Policies range from fairly basic to more complex. The exact type of coverage you need and rates you get depend on several factors, including state laws, your driving record, what kind of vehicle you drive and whether you want to pay for add-ons. We can help.

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Homeowners Insurance

From hail to hurricanes and burglaries to burst pipes, you need assurances your property is protected by your homeowners policy. Nixon & Lindstrom works with top-rated national insurance companies like Travelers, Progressive, SafeCo and Electric Insurance Co. to help you find the right homeowners insurance at the right price.

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Condo (HO-6) Insurance

Condo insurance gives you an added layer of protection that covers your home and possessions if they’re damaged, destroyed or stolen. Nixon & Lindstrom can help you secure a condo insurance policy with all the right components at a reasonable cost. We have long-running relationships with national insurance companies known for their affordable rates.

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Renters Insurance

Renters insurance is easy to get, and it’s a small price to pay for a big relief that you’ve taken the necessary precautions to protect yourself and your property. A renters policy is your best opportunity to protect the possessions you’ve amassed without breaking the bank. Nixon & Lindstrom can help you compare policies and find the best one for your needs.

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Motorcycle Insurance

Nixon & Lindstrom has been helping motorcycle owners throughout Springfield and southwest Missouri with their insurance needs for decades. Beyond liability insurance, there are several other types of coverage you’ll want to investigate. We can help you make sure you have the proper protections in place to protect your bike.

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Boats & Watercraft Insurance

Whether you own a small bass boat or sea-worthy sailboat, don’t overlook or ignore the risks that come along with owning a boat. Accidents happen. If your boat is damaged or someone on board gets hurt, you’ll need adequate insurance to help pay for repairs or medical bills. Without the right coverage, you could be facing significant out-of-pocket expenses.

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Valuable Articles Insurance

Nixon & Lindstrom can help you get the best insurance coverage for your most valuable articles like unique family heirlooms, vintage toys, rare artwork or something else that would be virtually impossible to replace. Don’t assume your homeowners, condo or renters insurance policy covers these cherished items. Make sure they’re properly insured.

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At Nixon & Lindstrom Insurance our top priority is you. As independent employee benefits brokers with access to a wide variety of carriers, we’re able to customize solutions to meet the needs and budget of businesses large and small in Springfield and throughout Southwest Missouri. Let us help you protect the things that matter most—request a quote or contact us today to get started.