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Individual Health Insurance Plans in Springfield, MO

Nixon & Lindstrom has provided affordable yet comprehensive individual health plans to customers throughout Springfield and Southwest Missouri since 1955. As you may know, health insurance is a complex world, with various options from different healthcare providers. Our team of brokers works with you to find individual, family, and personal medical coverage that meets your needs.

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Local Health Insurance Experts with Broad Experience

By combining the localized knowledge of a neighborhood insurance agent with the broad experience and comprehensive understanding of a leading online health insurance source, we are able to offer our customers:

Compare Health Insurance Options from Various Providers

Because we are a health insurance agency and not a health insurance company, we can offer plans from multiple insurance companies that serve Springfield and Southwest Missouri. In fact, with our broad selection of health insurance plans from various companies, you can shop and compare each of the options available to guarantee you find the medical coverage that best serves you and your family. At Nixon & Lindstrom, we’re proud to call ourselves the leading source of health insurance for individuals, families, and small businesses.

Excellent Customer Care

When you buy health insurance through Nixon & Lindstrom, whether it’s individual, personal, or family insurance, we believe that you’ll enjoy the best customer experience available in the health insurance industry. The licensed health insurance agents and knowledgeable representatives that staff our customer care center will help you make the most of your money with professional, unbiased advice.

Open Enrollment

The United States offers the opportunity to enroll in government subsidized health care through the Affordable Care Act (2010). When eligible for subsidized rates, the Marketplace may be right for you. At Nixon & Lindstrom, we can help you with all of your private health insurance needs. We personalize your plans so you get the best deal. Typically, open enrollment for these plans occurs in the fall of the year prior to active health insurance coverage. For a more personalized plan, request a quote through Nixon & Lindstrom.