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Commercial Umbrella/Excess Liability Insurance in Springfield, MO

Do I need commercial umbrella/excess liability insurance?

If you’re a business, large or small alike, with an existing general liability insurance policy but you’re concerned the coverage limit may not be sufficient, you should consider commercial umbrella insurance. Umbrella coverage extends beyond your general liability policy for an added layer of protection against legal claims that could be devastating to your business.

Sometimes referred to as excess liability coverage, commercial umbrella insurance kicks in if a claim is so large that it exceeds your general liability limits. If your business has lots of retail customer traffic or relies heavily on vehicles for deliveries or service calls, you may want to invest in an umbrella policy.

Start the process today by contacting Nixon & Lindstrom Insurance to request a quote. We’re in the business of helping businesses throughout Springfield and Southwest Missouri bundle commercial umbrella coverage with their general liability policy to provide a safety net for the worst-case scenario.

What does commercial umbrella/excess liability insurance cover?

Once your general liability insurance is exhausted, your commercial umbrella policy will help protect you against claims related to:

  • Property damage

  • Bodily injury & related medical expenses

  • Legal fees to defend against lawsuits

  • Payouts related to judgments & settlements

  • Personal & advertising injury

How much does commercial umbrella/excess liability insurance cost?

Umbrella insurance for businesses is typically sold in million-dollar increments, and the maximum limit differs depending on the carrier underwriting the policy. The size and nature of your business, as well as inherent risk exposures and types of customers served, will also influence the cost of your umbrella policy.

For over 50 years, Nixon & Lindstrom Insurance has helped businesses throughout Springfield and Southwest Missouri browse the marketplace to find reasonably priced general liability insurance and excess/umbrella policies. If you need commercial umbrella insurance for peace of mind, our agents can help you start the search today.

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